Kotlin Ukraine has been producing and selling biofuel since 2002.

The Company

Our main goal is production of fuel pellets and briquettes meeting all the standards of a high-quality product. As biofuel producers we guarantee the efficiency and safety of the product we produce as we believe that a long-term cooperation is based on honest relations, transparency of pricing and quality of the products that always meet the Client’s demands.

Whenever you choose Kotlin Ukraine products you may be sure of the quality of our pellets and briquettes, high level of service and professionalism of our staff. Every stage of manufacturing of the products is performed under thorough control, is constantly being upgraded and improved to go in the right direction. details...

Why biofuel?

Densified biofuel has a number of advantages as compared to other types of fuel:

  • environmentally friendly fuel;
  • cheaper than electricity, diesel or coal;
  • better calorific efficiency as compared to chips and lump waste wood;
  • lower cost of equipment for boiler plants with a capacity of up to 2 MW, compared with incinerators of waste wood;
  • capacity of warehouse for storage of pellets can be reduced by at least 50%, compared with warehouse for wood chips.